Storytelling In Design Fiction

Every decision you make will have consequences

The best thing to do is to ensure that you prototype the decisions in the stores that you tell. You must be ready, because what might seem like a very good idea might end up with unintended and unexpected consequences. It therefore helps to think through the range of possible consequences with every decision you make. Think about the ripple effect decisions might have on reality, so you do not end up messing the world with your stories.

Normalize everything to persuade

Behaviors, objects and even new ideas can be difficult to assimilate and imagine in every day view. You therefore must try as much as possible to normalize your ideas so they can persuade and meet the expectations that you have. Prototyping banality will make the imaginative leap to place the idea in future contexts.

Think through your making

This is really the only way you will manage to engage and locate your ideas in the world. Remember the design fiction is a pedagogic practice that gives you the freedom to think about future consequences, actions, events and possibilities through practice material. Manipulate what you have to construct aesthetics of what you deem the future is going to be like.

Remember that usual thing that work does not necessarily create interesting stories

The more the objects works the more boring your story is likely to be and this happens to be the biggest hurdle designers face in design fiction. A better approach would be to find haunting uncomfortable fiction that surrounds a given or tapping the start of social life fracture and breaking to make the world seem more interesting. Go for a story that is bound to start conversations and grow interest and you will be a success.

Understand your fiction and how it is doing

The last thing you want to do is allow design fiction to be your excuse for weak and poorly conceived design work. Your ideas cannot afford to miss out in important design decision simply because they live in fictional domain. Remember that the design will show something to someone and you therefore need to be clear and articulate about the true intentions so you are able to create a framework whose success you can test.

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