Best Photo Tips to Improve your Travel Photography in Portugal

Before you set off for an adventure of a lifetime in Portugal, make sure to brush up on your photography skills to perfectly capture the moments.

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Learning to use the Light

We all hate to sit for hours on end fixing up our photography mistakes when we could easily have spent that time doing the right thing when taking the photograph. You’ll most likely be taking a lot more outdoor photos in Portugal than indoor photos. You’ll also be capturing a lot of photos during the day – and in the midday sunshine. In museums, you’ll be taking photos with your camera’s flash, but in some places, you’re not allowed to use your camera’s flash. For those, you’ll need to learn how best to set up your camera to compensate for the dark light.

Your Gear Choices

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Improve your In-Camera Settings

The best idea is to keep your photos as simple and beautiful as possible. You likely won’t have the time to set up a tripod and a timer for a landscape. For that, you’ll have to depend on your camera’s excellent features. Remember, the camera equipment in your hand is the best camera equipment in the world right then. You can’t become obsessed or fixated on needing a tripod or an external light pod to help improve your photos. Those are simply not possible while you’re travelling in Portugal.


What we would advise is to learn the camera settings you don’t necessarily spend a lot of time using when back home. This is because you’ll be travelling in unfamiliar spaces and places – and those other camera settings will be able to help you capture beautiful photos. The first thing to do is to switch from JPEG to RAW camera settings. These may create larger files on your memory cards, but they allow you to edit your photos to a greater level without losing any high levels of details hidden away in the shot. For example, when you’re shooting indoors you will undoubtedly capture the details of a scene. When you save those files as JPEGs, much of the contrasting details will simply be lost and come out as black areas. When you shoot in RAW, those same details are visible, and you can even edit the photograph to show them.

Break out of Automatic Settings

Another way to boost your travel photos’ quality while on holiday in Portugal is to learn to use the ISO settings to perfection. This will allow you to compensate for the harsh midday sunlight and capture the deep colours of a memorable sunset. You can increase the ISO or knock it down as required to catch the light just as your eye sees it. This will greatly help you in capturing details in your photos.

Allow for Cropping

The next best tip is to always try to catch space around the subject or the area of the photograph that you wish to capture. When you’re editing, you can straighten a horizon or some other setting. You won’t then be cropping your photo and losing essential details in a photo.

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