Reasons to Invest in a New Website

Content is usually the last part of a web design project that is left behind. Yet, it is among the most critical elements of a website. What might be the reasons?

This is because it takes time for words to convert users into customers. However, when you add a striking design to great content, this can result to a winning combination.

What is wrong with the content included in a number of business websites?

  • Since they are not up-to-date and fine tuned on a regular basis, it makes a website seem to be stagnant, making business convey an entirely different (unwanted) message to the target audience.
  • It is presented in the form of facts and statements like for example “We started in 2009 and provide small businesses with web design services”. This does not address the problems of customers, or give solutions to make their lives easier.
  • Users either have a difficult time in finding the products/services they need, or completing an action on the website.
  • Since the target audience may have changed over a period of time in a business, a website may appear to be obsolete in this regard.
  • Are users able to find relevant information on the website? Is the information valuable enough and compelling to engage with the business?
  • The website has a number of different visitors and each type may be looking for something else. Does your existing website cater to all users?
  • A website (as well as other channels) does not include a video.

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