Use A Set Of Colors That Fit Your Business Image And Logo

There are many colors that you could choose from, but you selected the specific colors and color hues for your business logo for a reason. It’s wise to reflect on that reason and let that be the inspiration for the colors you use for your site. For example, if your logo has a black background with silver and gold lettering, your website might be one that utilizes a black, silver, or gold background with lettering that suits your website accordingly. Always make sure to use contrasting colors as these are easier on the eyes. This will require time and devotion as you must take time to reflect on the exact color combination that will work best for your site. Make sure to consult your web designer for information on what color palettes work best.

Take Inspiration From Other Sites

The old saying goes “imitate, but don’t duplicate”. There are millions of websites out there which use different color palettes. Take some time to look at these sites to see what color palettes they use as well as where these colors are placed. Some sites will use different colors for their headers, different colors for each specific paragraph, and/or different colors for the radio buttons on the site. You should really devote a good amount of time to studying these different combinations so you can get a good idea of what color combinations work best for your site.

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