Have a simple layout for pages

People find an easy design inviting by itself, prompting them to search for the required items and complete their purchase.

  • Include fonts that are easy to read – Utilize sans-serif fonts such as Helvetica/Arial with a font size of 12 or more so that everybody can easily read the text.
  • Provide breathing room – White spaces help breaking the monotony of content and help highlighting significant points which you would like your visitors to read.
  • Create smaller pages – Should your page fail to open within 3 seconds, the visitors will move to some other site. Save your bandwidth by using small graphics instead of bigger ones. Make sure that your website performs optimally by employing a dependable provider for the hosting of website.

Guide your clients with superior navigation

Website users favor a simple and spontaneous navigation system that uses trendy, customary principles of designing.

  • Incorporate links – On your homepage, as well as the major pages include easy-to-locate links enabling your clients to conveniently navigate through your website.
  • The search tool should be positioned prominently – Enhance the experience of your visitors by providing a trouble-free search tool. This is especially relevant for visitors who are already aware of what they are searching for.
  • Follow the 3 Click rule – Usually, consumers should be able to locate the required item within 3 clicks, or they will move away. Well known icons like shopping carts and noticeably marked products can facilitate the clients’ search.

Keep it browser & device friendly

You should expect present-day shoppers to use smart phones, laptops or home computers. Ensure that your website is friendly to all these devices.

  • Embrace variety – Ensure that the website shows correctly for all key browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer and Safari.
  • Plan for mobile gadgets – As far as possible, make separate pages for mobile gadgets which encounter challenges of screen size and bandwidth. Utilize mobile-centric features such as click-to-dial, which will allow the clients to act swiftly on using cell phones.

Think visually

Having an excessive number of images increases the time for downloading, yet clients want to see the item they are going to buy.

  • Focus on images of products – Using a superior digital camera along with editing software enables you to get nice shots of your products. You can save these as thumbnail for quicker downloading.
  • Add video tutorials – It’s a nice way to engage the clients visiting your site. It provides additional value that cannot be found in physical stores. An active video tutorial of your products can magically increase the sales.

Keep the checkout process simple

Online shopping is matter of convenience plus trust. If you focus on these two, you get more business.

  • Present flexibility – On including more options for making payments – like debit/credit cards, e-checks and PayPal – you are likely to make more sales. Find out a service provider of web hosting that ropes in several kinds of protected payments.
  • Publicize safety – Make clients feel safe on providing their personal information. Utilize secure encryption like HTTPS. Also explore the possibility of providing digital certification services to guarantee the legitimacy of the seller plus buyer.


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