Before we dwell into the various aspects of DNN development, let’s understand what DotNetNuke is and how it stands out from the rest of the web content management system. DNN is an open source CMS that is based on Microsoft.Net and was initially written in VB.NET. DotNetNuke has a simple three-tier architecture model that allows to manage websites without much technical knowledge. In addition, DNN’s framework is designed such that its modular structure can be extended to great extents using third party applications, thus increasing the functionality of the.┬áIt maintains a consistent user-interface across all administrative fields, be it updating, editing or creating content by offering similar dashboards that are easy to recognize and navigate. Another striking feature of DNN is the content editor pop up it offers while editing, which allows managers to view the live content without redirecting to new pages.

There are several important aspects or stages of DNN development, of which the most important ones are listed below.

  • DNN Installation – Installation of DotNetNuke for a Microsoft based web platform involves many steps such as setting up a database using SQL server, downloading the latest version of DNN file, uploading the installation files into a directory, installing DNN with SQL Express and finishing the installation wizard by changing default login information.
  • DNN Module Development – One of the most important aspects of DNN development, it includes extending the DNN platform by adding third party modules for extended functionalities. These modules can be either found in the existing library of modules or custom designed to perform the desired functions on the site.
  • DNN Skins Install and Design – Skins are an integral part of web design which consist of placeholders for content, menu and other functionalities. Like the modules, preset DNN skins are available as third party applications which can be installed for desired themes. If one is not satisfied with the visual appeal of the available DNN skins, a new skin can be custom designed too. Thus, DNN skins install and designs are a major aspect in DNN development which decides the appearance of a website.

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