If the website is not updated for a long period of time, people will think that there is nothing new or that the business is no longer trading. When they return to the website they need to see some changes or updates. It’s the same with a retail store or a restaurant. If you go to a restaurant regularly and the menu doesn’t change or the d├ęcor is still the same, you will get tired of it and go somewhere else. Or if you visit a fashion retailer and the clothing is the same all the time or nothing new comes in then you won’t go in there again. You will go to the one that is always fresh and trendy.

An old website can look old; with old products and old news. Keep it fresh by adding new products, news or articles. The idea is to update it on a monthly basis. If you do a small update each month that will show that your business wants to remain current in your customers’ minds.

Updating it monthly is also great for search engine optimisation. When search engines see that you update your website often, they will give it a higher ranking. Consequently, they will visit your website regularly to see what has changed and give you a new ranking upon each visit. On the other hand, if you don’t make any changes, the search engines will give your website a low ranking and they won’t visit it often. They will only visit it every couple of months or every year. That’s a long time to wait for ranking.

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