“Difficult” deadlines: Why?

Don’t be surprised to hear a developer complaining that his ilk is facing deadlines that are “way” difficult than what they were earlier – not only because they are getting shorter but also because of the complexity of work involved is getting intense as well. In short, today, a web development company needs to finish more difficult tasks within a very short period of time. And, the difficulty essentially relates to the need for devising faster applications without violating the security framework.

Today, we’ll be discussing a few steps with the help of which web developers can actually aim for improved digital protection.

What do you need to protect?

The first and foremost responsibility of yours is to understand what you need to protect. Your NEED spells your plan of action here. Which is the data which you absolutely need to store and protect? Track it down at first. How much will the company or business be harmed if the data is compromised? Credit card numbers? Phone numbers? Addresses? These are all part of customer information. There are a few businesses that go on to put sensitive customer information at risk by relentlessly piling up data. The key is to cut down on the amount of sensitive data thus stored. Taking this measure definitely makes the website way more secure.

Don’t go overboard with user privileges

The developer can also consider limiting user privilege. Contrary to popular belief, let us tell you that the biggest threat to web security isn’t really an outside mischief-maker or hacker but your very own “uneducated” users themselves. With too many system privileges made available to them, they might unwittingly end up putting the safety of the website at risk at the first place. Experts suggest that it is advisable for developers to offer each and every user only the privileges he/she needs instead of providing every one under the sun with the same level of access.

The Principle of Least Privilege is at play here. It prevents unqualified users to access those privileges that can be used by the educated users. So, as a developer, one should educate oneself more about the same.

Cookie Data Protection

Pay attention to cookie data protection. It is so important to ensure that you are keeping this particular point in view – quite simply because this one remains one of the most neglected aspects of web security today. There are players like Facebook which has drawn flak for not prioritizing this issue properly. There are others that duly secure their login system, set a cookie and then allow the user to continue the interaction with the application over an insecure portal or channel.

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