There is a trick to zero in on the total content width you would require. Box-shaped content widths work very well for professional or business web pages. If you have the liberty to be really creative with your content then you can select full-width content area.

Full-width designs render an illusion of the “infinite” as far as the available area of your website is concerned. This type of design stretches the entire width of the computer screen from left to right. So, basically, the beholder gets the feeling that the website is actually not limited by boundaries. The box-width template, as its name suggests, has well defined framework both on its left and right side. The content display remains same across different sizes and resolutions.

When you’re using the full-width functionality, you can be rest assured about the fact that the background image will adjust itself in accordance with the screen size automatically. Since this type of design element offers you so much scope (literally) to be liberal with your creative ideas, it has become very popular over the years.

Choose something flexible and customizable

Much to our surprise, we have come across so many businesses that think that the highly customizable templates actually “look” as if they are poorly coded. For them a template which offers too many editing options is basically bothersome. It is important to remember that these editing options actually give you the freedom to go ahead with the minor changes without even turning to the designers for help.

A personalized template, moreover, means that the layout of your website stands out from that of the others.

Pay due attention to the home page header

It is important to figure out which homepage header layout will work the best for you. Once again, it depends on the nature of business helped by you. As they say, the choice of your website header is more of a strategic decision than a strictly aesthetic preference. This is the first thing that your visitor sees. So, maintaining relevance in this section is definitely important. Your visitor should understand the core of your business right from your header itself.

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