This can be compared to shopping in a large clothing store. When you enter it, you expect to find a blue shirt to use in a party you will be going to, just to discover that there is a multitude of blue shirts in a variety of styles, hues, materials and cuts. It would be very difficult to choose.

A custom web design works like a personal shopping assistant. He/she will deliver a number of shirts in shades of blue, and in the most becoming styles. At times, designers go a long way to alter them so that they can fit you perfectly. The process of custom design is ingenious, as it combines creativeness with technical skill. You can only trust the experts to design a site that corresponds closely with your customers.

SEO is one of the major reasons why business owners are compelled to consider custom web design. In the past 2 decades, practices have considerably changed, and they will continue to vary. SEO has turned into a career, and optimizing a site for search engines is not merely adding keywords to your copy.

SEO combined content management, usability optimization, and even the way to label images. Business owners using templates wind up getting SEO experts to modify their websites, which defeats the purpose of doing something on your own. Once you work with a custom designer, he will include SEO into your site’s framework. If and when SEO algorithms change once more (as they usually do), you will be able to depend on customized support, which is a standard for majority of web designers.

Therefore, the answer to the question whether web design is dead is a big NO. At least it is not to businesses that understand the website’s value. As a matter of fact, web design is very much alive. Templates have turned into a commodity, and because of this, websites are starting to look all the same.

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