Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia defines this policy as what it is: Statement or legal document about privacy. The information in this document normally contains content describing some or all ways a party gathers, mentions, manages, and uses the personal information inputted on the website by a user and fulfills a legal requirement to protect the website user’s privacy as well as the company owning the website. Personal information can be anything about a person such as name, address, credit card information, and more.

You should always show a link to your Policy, on every page of your website even if your website is not a business because a Privacy Policy is not just about doing business it is about the right to a website user’s private information, how that website collects information, and what that website does with this information. This is not just some “evil policy”, it’s just needed and it’s a United States Law and in other countries as well. If you have a website that does not collect user information it is still a good idea to have a privacy policy stating that your website does not collect user information. If your website collects information from or about children visitors you should consult an attorney to inform you regarding laws about children and the internet this is a heavy federally regulated area with crazy strict penalties or you can simply input that you must me over the age of 18 to use your site and you will be safe long as your site is aimed to people over 18. This is not legal advice only information, if you have questions you should always consult an attorney.

I grew up with attorneys and can also assure you any good lawyer will be glad to give you the most basic information regarding your interest right over the phone and if you call one, more than likely they will be busy if that’s the case, ask their secretary, which will most likely be the one answering the phone because they are a legal secretary and can at least lead you in the right direction if you are new at this.

This is to just give you a basic idea of what a Privacy Policy is and why it is a good idea to have one on your website and if you are needing a Privacy Policy on your website, your webmaster should be able to successfully complete that or guide you in the right direction depending on what exactly they may specialize in.

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