Versatility is something which makes Magento the choice platform for the online retailers. It offers the facility to adjust the layout of a shopping cart and personalize the display options as per the preferences of users. Moreover, it allows vendors to put up virtually anything for sale, ranging from eBooks to baseball bats, for instance, without accommodating any significant change in the website or introducing extensions to it. If your business operates several websites needing shopping carts, then you can adapt a standard Magento design to each website by enforcing necessary configurations and it will surely leave it up and running.

Lots of Features

Besides versatility, this platform widens the scope of flexibility for developers by allowing them to incorporate customizable features, customer profiles, for instance. The platform takes the shopping experience to a whole new level, thanks to its interactive and user-friendly features. It has a provision to save the last session and the users can proceed from where they left off without a hitch. The feature of versatility makes developers incorporate localization into the design and thereby build different stores for people in different parts of the world. Additionally, it allows for the provision to localize the payment procedure according to the currencies circulating in a particular country.

The architectural layout of Magento makes it one of the most sought-after eCommerce platforms for online vendors. Additionally, it draws on the simplicity of design to make the navigation of an online store unbelievably easier for the buyers. Apart from this, it promises a lot of features like usability and debugging, which simplifies the system reconfiguration for developers.

Open-source Platform

Available as an open source platform, Magento fits the bill for the start-ups as well as the businesses which face budgetary constraints. Besides, it is integrated with intelliSense functionality, which streamlines the programming complexities for the developers and thereby helps in cutting back on the time, available at their disposal.

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