Choose Type of Website for You

Did you know that you have a lot of choices when it comes to designing a website?

You can choose a Dynamic, Brochure, E-Commerce, or Catalogue Website. It all depends on the type of business you have and how you want to engage with your prospective customers.

To decide on a website design that is right for you, ask yourself these questions:

  • What type of business do you have?
  • Who are your customers?
  • Will you sell online?
  • Do you offer a service?
  • Do you sell products?

Once you’ve answered those questions, these are the website options for your business:

If you have a consulting business then you don’t have physical products. You offer a service to professional clients. A dynamic website with interesting sliding pictures of your business will grab the eye of your prospect and you can add all … Read the rest

Rules for Coding

PHP Coding need Naming Conventions

One of the crucial conventions in PHP is providing names to the functions, variables as well as other codes. By names, it means relevant and contextually matched names with grammatically correct and sensible wordings. Further, you should try to keep words separated with an underscore as that makes code easy to read and understand later.

Right approaches for documentation

In PHP, you’ll always have to try all proper coding styles and approaches to make the documents easily readable and flexible for edits. Managing comments, content indentation, white spacing, proper line lengths, etc. are some of the best coding practices. While comments give the scope to developers to state the purpose or logic behind using the code, indentations provide the code hierarchy clearly and make readability and debugging easier.

No use of short tags or any

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Reasons to Invest in a New Website

Content is usually the last part of a web design project that is left behind. Yet, it is among the most critical elements of a website. What might be the reasons?

This is because it takes time for words to convert users into customers. However, when you add a striking design to great content, this can result to a winning combination.

What is wrong with the content included in a number of business websites?

  • Since they are not up-to-date and fine tuned on a regular basis, it makes a website seem to be stagnant, making business convey an entirely different (unwanted) message to the target audience.
  • It is presented in the form of facts and statements like for example “We started in 2009 and provide small businesses with web design services”. This does not address the problems of customers, or
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Website Builders vs Raw Programming

The downside of Website Builder products is that the Website owner is locked into the templates of the Website Builder product. What this means is that the Website owner cannot make modifications to their site other than those specified by the template that they are using. If asked, the Website Builder manufacture can make minor modifications to an individual’s product but they themselves are locked into the templates of their products.

Computer programming languages intimidate many people. One look at a computer programming script and the average person mistakenly decide that this communication technique is beyond them. Looking at the design of an airplane can be overwhelming to a person who is not an airplane designer. By the same token, looking at a computer program can be intimidating to a person who has little to no programming experience.

The key … Read the rest

Web Design Affects Conversion Rate Optimization

Right Color Choices leads to call to Action

There is a wide range of color schemes that appeal to various demographics. Therefore, you need to use colors that appeal to your target audience. Fortunately, you can expect a call to action, and viewers really follow what they are told or requested to do, but you need a clever copy.

Easy to Recall Identity

Perhaps the first and most important word to think about is your business name. It should be easy to remember, but there should also be an available web domain so you can register. If it is no longer available, you can use a business name generator to find the most suitable and, at the same time, available name.

Communication via Visual Presentation

Some people are busy or impatient to read content. So, it would be a lot … Read the rest

Benefits of a Mobile-Friendly (Responsive) Website

  • Because Google said so. (This is kind of like your parents’ “because I said so” argument when you were little.) Google’s newest algorithm ranks mobile-friendly websites higher in search results on mobile devices. Now, if your website isn’t mobile friendly, Google will recognize that and be less likely to display it as a legitimate search result. That makes sense, since Google wouldn’t be doing its job if half of the results displayed were useless to mobile users.
  • Set Yourself apart from competitors. Less than 10% of businesses have websites that are mobile-optimized, but it’s quickly becoming a top priority. So acting fast will give you a competitive advantage!
  • It’s What Your Customers Want – and They Expect You to Provide It. In 2014, mobile users accessing the internet overtook desktop users for the first time in history! Increasingly, your customers
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Main Causes That Slow Down Website

    • Wrong Image Size: Well if you don’t have much technical knowledge so it is hard for you to believe that image size can affect the speed of your website. But it is a true fact that if you upload heavy files or images on your website, so, it slowed down its speed. Hence, it is more than just important to optimize the images before using them further on the website.
    • Bad Coding Practice: Another thing that affects the speed of your website is the use of improper or poor coding. Yes, it plays a major role in the web development and you need to improve it for the purpose of boosting the speed of your website. Make sure you use the light and clean code while developing your website.
    • Unreliable Web Hosting: If you are using the poor web hosting,
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Website Affects Your Business

  • Easy on your Pockets

Being a developing businessman, you would have an idea how much a website costs you and it’s working capital. On the other hand, physical presence in the form of a brick and a mortar store is prone to tons of usual occurrences which can blow out the expenses like theft, lights left ON, extra staff and much more.

A well designed and managed site can give you relief from such tensions and provides outlining costs.

  • Accessible from Everywhere

Since your website is LIVE 24 hours, 7 days a week and 365 days a year, it is accessible to anyone, anytime. Suppose you wish to buy something from a local store, you put in efforts and you find closed. No doubt, you will feel irate in that situation.

Your customers won’t have to go through this hassle … Read the rest

Creating Responsive Websites

Well, a responsive web design is an approach that is used to create a flexible design suitable for all types of screen sizes. It provides the viewers a pleasant viewing experience be it on a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile.

Why mobile responsive website design is important

With the quick rise in popularity of mobile browsing, viewers are looking forward to use a user-friendly website that is free of glitches. First of all, the design should look attractive and it should be easy to read. The responsive design allows the website to fit the mobile screen, without compromising on the resolution quality.

The best mobile friendly responsive design helps in grabbing traffic from mobile users, decreases the cost of maintenance, improves the SEO experience and provides a seamless browsing experience.

How responsive website design can help your business grow

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Future Of Design Fictio

  • Design fiction is ideological – It is this ideological drive that makes the design what it is and it is laid out clearly and openly for everyone to see. The cultural, social and even political bases of the ideologies need exposure, exploration and interpretation. Design fiction allows the underpinning and deconstruction of situations through skills.
  • It acts as a testing ground for what is real – This design lays a possibility framework where future scenarios can be mapped and explored with practice. When these possibilities are represented and articulated, they could end up becoming the much needed space for shared language and imagination.
  • It inscribes responsibility and behavior – This is because design fiction comes with imagining of morals, aspirations and morals by fictional protagonists. This ends up setting up trajectories for action mostly behavioral ones by scripting use, according
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