One interesting thing is the mix of both the personal and professional web space. The start of web was on the idea of purely as a technology that would be used for the sharing of ideas on an academic level, but now this technology has developed as an open public place where a mix of both personal and professional sites is seen. With the passage of time the internet started to fill up with personal web sites, people sharing their personal biographies. After came the great boom of different companies that started to create their websites in order to promote their businesses, but along with the growth of their business, the web grew at an exponential rate and has not stopped ever since. The web started to serve the purpose of an online market where people bought and sold all sorts of products and offered all sorts of services.

Now, starting with the lifecycle of website creation, the team dealing with development evaluates and revises all the information and ideas that are organized by the design team in collaboration with the clients. Web development requires the understanding of all the processes that are a part of creating a website. The development team has the biggest responsibility of concluding the creation of the website. Individuals that are involved in the process of website development tend to put in a unique touch of their own on the site giving it a separate identity.

The process is carried out with the help of various specialized languages such as HTML, Flash. These languages have their own special logics and in order to create a web page that is highly efficient, the web developer should have a firm grip over all these languages the creation and maintenance both come under web development.

As written above, the aim of advances in technology is that a common layman can also easily develop a website of their own when required. Many tools are available online publicly that make the process of development of website easy and convenient. But the thing that there are proper firms established for the sole purpose of developing websites for other organizations clearly state how complex of a process this can be. A lot of troubleshooting is required in this sector of technology and it can only be done by web developers that have a high command over all the process involved in web development.

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