Colors have an effect on a viewer’s feelings and mood. It is ideal to choose the color/s based on your target customers. Take their age, gender and cultural background into consideration, and add a little of your artistic creativity. This will result to the best color palette for your logo.

Do not Go Overboard, Which Could Let You Fall into the Cool Logo Trap

This will work in harmony with the “Be Simple” theme. It is a great thing to be innovative since you can experiment and work your way around to get the best design for your logo. Artists work this way.

However, there is a limit to everything. While you may have unlimited innovation abilities, their usage in the practical sense often falls prey to the innovation possibilities given by a product. Too much experimentation can lead to a logo that may be attractive to a viewer’s eyes but does not identify with the target company. Do not forget that a logo is not a work of artistry.

You should aim to design a logo that can easily be associated with the desired brand. In the end, the design of the logo should be one that will be easy to identify by customers and be owned by the company. Once you accomplish this, you can say that your logo design is the best one for the brand.

Avoid Being Predictable by Creating Smart Logo Designs

As a start, see to it that your logo is worth viewing. At first glance, it should be able to identify with your brand. However, it should not be too loud. For example, if you are in the business of making umbrellas, it should not spell out “RAIN”.

Take note that you should not surprise your customers by increasing the cost or delaying work.

On a deeper perspective, your logo should suggest something. If you have an umbrella company, it should suggest weather without including the words rain or sunlight. In general, there are no rules for this.

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