• Design fiction is ideological – It is this ideological drive that makes the design what it is and it is laid out clearly and openly for everyone to see. The cultural, social and even political bases of the ideologies need exposure, exploration and interpretation. Design fiction allows the underpinning and deconstruction of situations through skills.
  • It acts as a testing ground for what is real – This design lays a possibility framework where future scenarios can be mapped and explored with practice. When these possibilities are represented and articulated, they could end up becoming the much needed space for shared language and imagination.
  • It inscribes responsibility and behavior – This is because design fiction comes with imagining of morals, aspirations and morals by fictional protagonists. This ends up setting up trajectories for action mostly behavioral ones by scripting use, according to the designers’ opportunity and expectations. The excitement here is the possibility of reassigning responsibilities that can be produced by technical objects.
  • Design fiction makes space for experimentation – When there is development of richer experimental design process, continued innovation and improved practice is achieved. The design allows suspension of reality rules, and this offers unfettered exploration and meandering play. In the process, the meaning and material of the design are given room to emerge from the iterative experimental process.
  • The design grows from ideas to aesthetics – The originality of the aesthetic can be hard to comprehend because the world believes in remixing everything. Designing usually features, quoting, borrowing and referencing from the past. By opening up source code and exposing visual references is made productive by design fiction. When the aesthetics are made from ground up, then ideas are developed to create logical aesthetic decision making.
  • Production of reality requires protagonists – The design really requires researching the central characters and making characters not personas. The future, therefore relies on the creativity of the protagonists meaning that things can only get better.
  • Narratives are compelling – The truth is that the design is all about a good story and the creation of complex engaging and subtle stories. The people who engage in the design have taken time to immerse and understand the literary world so they understand everything there is to fiction. Considering how appealing narratives remain to be, design fiction can only get better. It simply makes it possible for ideas find their rightful place in the world.

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