Enhance Web Design Skills in No Time

Use shades of gray in designing before adding color

A web designer usually creates wireframes before visual designs, which shows that it is important to start with shades of gray. So, change your wireframe to a grayscale visual design, include your photos, then gradually add color to design elements.

This way, you will avoid overdesigning your website and just give importance to the items that need them in particular.

Hide the Social Media Icons

You work so hard to drive visitors to your website so why are you allowing them to leave? This is exactly what happens when you include social media icons in the header, which is a prominent part of your site. Instead, conceal them in the footer.

Once people land on your website, you would like them to stay and somehow ask about your products/services rather than check your goings-on via Facebook. Social media should be a means to draw people to your website, and not away from it.

Eliminate the slideshow/image carousel

The homepage slideshow/image carousel used to be the trend, in which it was a means to bring a lot of info to the first page of your site. However, majority of visitors only stay for a short while, not being able to encounter the images/messages.

In addition, these images/messages are often not significant to the viewer on the first time that he/she visits. Learn about the thing that should be removed by a visitor from his/her website visit. Your company should promote it and get rid of what’s left.

Make your site easy to navigate

Though decreasing the options of visitors may seem counter intuitive, it can actually guide them to your valuable content. Instead of providing them with links to all your pages, make your navigation as simple as can be.

Remove dropdown menus, most especially multi-tier dropdown navigation, which can only be navigated by a very skilled mouse user, and as an additional step, reduce the number of links in your website’s header/sidebar.

Take away sidebars

In the last decade, the sidebar was considered as a very popular web design trend, particularly on blogs. Most companies have discovered, though, that when their blogs have no sidebars, it encourages visitors to read the article and at the end, gains their call to action.

Taking away the sidebar from the company blog has resulted to more clicks on call to action graphics to past 35%.

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